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How Does a “Steel Trap” Mind Evaporate into an Unresponsive Mist?

A Quick Tour Through the Gray Matter

How many neurons are in the average brain? Hint: if you were to count one neuron per second, around the clock, it would take over 2,720 years. Researchers tell us there are about 86 billion neurons and 84 billion non-neuron (glial) cells in the brain.  

Spiraling Physical and Mental Decline

Can Be Reversed:

Anti-aging researchers tell us that the human body is designed to live well beyond the 100-year mark. They frequently cite the longevity of the Hunzas, or other tribal peoples in the mountains of Eastern Europe or South America. Reportedly these peoples were strong and vibrant into their second century and able to perform a hard day’s work until just before death.

I spent a good 15 months devising a product which will help increase stress resilience and reduce mitochondrial damage. My product is called Invigoral and can be found here and here

The next few blog entries will be chapters of the blooklet I created about Invigoral:

New Hope and Help for an
Age Old (Old Age) Problem

Many patients come to my office for sexual dysfunction (SD). SD can look like painful intercourse for women and erectile dysfunction (ED) or Peyronies for men. While there are many reasons for SD, one commonality among patients is an underlying dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. The exception is ED caused by vascular damage or induced by drugs.

Most women with chronic pain are told they need hormones, or need to be on very specific diets and do not find much improvement even with these measures. Men with Peyronies are often given painful injections and are not better after those tortuous treatments.

One of the other common symptoms I find in patients with underlying autonomic dysfunction is sleep disorder. Chronic difficulty staying or falling asleep is a sure sign the neuroendocrine system or the autonomic system is not working as it should be.

I have been treating women for hormone disturbance in my Chicago area office for almost 20 years. I was prescribing bio-identical hormones way back then. Giving grand rounds at various Chicago area hospitals on the subject, often taking loads of flack by the OB-GYNs who would attend.

Of course, that was then. Now, the OB-GYNs have jumped on the band wagon. It seems whatever those of us are doing in the natural, integrative medicine world, eventually makes it’s way into the mainstream 15 years or so, later.

What the mainstream physicians are still behind on, is the need for hormone balancing and the concept that peri and menopausal symptoms aren’t always due to low estrogen levels. Often, they’re due to unopposed estrogen levels.

Every time I hear about another young woman who has succumbed to breast cancer, I am deeply saddened and wonder “what if”. What if she didn’t use commercial skin care, cleaning fluids, perfumes and dry cleaning, would she still have died of breast cancer?

When new patients make appointments to see me in my Chicago area office, we like to email or send them home with paperwork regarding personal care items including fragrances. Occasionally cleaning fluids and dry cleaning comes up. Certainly for my cancer patients, I try to encourage them to omit the known carcinogens from their daily lives.

Often, just talking about diet and exercise takes up much of our time, it is impossible to go into all the details of what to avoid.

For all the readers out there familiar with my blog, you know that I have kept this site committed to being an informative, knowledge based site. It will stay that way. For those of you who are interested in what products I use in my personal skin and health care, I have started the online store Skin and Chocolate.

The products I have chosen for my store are time tested, hand crafted an all are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances or other potential toxins. In addition to being free of toxins, the skin care is high performance. The chocolates are all raw and low glycemic, sweetened mostly with coconut nectar.

I’m offering dermal needle rollers along with growth factors, hyaluronic acid serums and botanical serums. While I use a 1mm needle in my office, I am offering a .25 mm length needle for home use. The .25 is safer to use at home as it does not require topical anaesthetic nor does it go into the dermis. However, the stimulation of the epidermis and creation of micropores will achieve greater results than simply applying expensive topical growth factors or hyaluronic acid serums topically. Without the use of microneedles, most water based products (serums) sit on top of the skin. Money is wasted and results are minimal. Creamy or fatty based products are much better absorbed and should not be needled into the skin.

Many of my patients complain of having “no interest”. While a small percentage of the population identify as “asexual”, the majority of us do not and losing one’s sex drive altogether can be disquieting. Sex drive often wanes as we age but it should not disappear completely.

There are physical and psychological reasons for a diminished sex drive and or response.

Among the physical contributors are chronic inflammation, not enough exercise, excessive exercise, prescriptions medications, poor dietary patterns, and fatigue. These contributing factors can all be easily reversed.

Oxidative damage is something everyone has heard of but might not really understand.

The patients I see in my Chicago area office often show me the anti-oxidants they are taking with great delight. They know the supplements are somehow combatting the negative effects of bad things they might be exposed to.

Oxidative damage can come from many sources: radiation of all sorts which includes background radioisotopes that are always around, excessive solar radiation especially when the ozone layer is damaged or in high altitudes and specific foods and chemicals that have reactive oxygen. Heavy metals can be a big contributor.

We are bombarded by commercials about statins to lower cholesterol levels. We’re made to believe that cholesterol is a bad thing and needs to be reduced as much as possible.

Numerous studies show the benefit of a healthy cholesterol profile. In fact, a recent study looking at muscle mass gain from exercise, showed that those with higher circulating cholesterol gained more muscle mass than those with lower cholesterol or on cholesterol lowering medications.

Low cholesterol levels are increasingly associated with increased risks for depression, anxiety, cancer, infection suicidal ideation and low libido.

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