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How Does Toned Muscle Morph to
 Blobs of Blubber?

Turning lead into gold was the ultimate challenge for any alchemist. As far as we know none of them ever succeeded. There is, however, an alchemy that is effortless, effective, and extremely disconcerting: the transformation of muscle tissue into fat deposits. It happens right before our eyes and requires no conscious exertion or plan. Often to our dismay, this metabolic magic occurs in the midst of great effort to go the other direction.

Even for those who stay active, muscular volume and strength is increasingly difficult to maintain. A man’s pumped up pectoral muscles eventually become soft breast tissue that sags onto a bulging belly and could even warrant wearing a bra. A woman’s once-flat belly becomes a soft, squeezable paunch as her upper arms become flabby and undefined.

In the early nineties, the buzz word for anyone seeking out alternative views on chronic illness was candidiasis. Candidiasis is an overgrowth of Candida, a yeast that is normally present in our environment but is opportunistic and can overgrow when normal bacteria are missing or reduced.

Candida was blamed for everyone presenting with chronic inflammation, chronic fatigue and food intolerance.

It is true that antibiotic use can lead to an overgrowth of Candida, and it is true that antibiotics are over prescribed. But, often patients would not improve on treatments to reduce Candida and they were subjected to months of medications and highly restricted diets.

It seems that everyone is on some sort of low carb diet. The wave of people on some variation of a paleo diet is growing for good reason: carbs are inflammatory and excess carbs lead to increased triglycerides and dense LDL, and hence, heart disease diabetes and even increased cancer risks.

However, it seems many people have their own interpretations about what should be eaten and how much can be eaten on a paleo diet. In addition, the original goal to be healthier, seems to have been thrown out of the door in exchange for eating as much as someone wants and still not gain weight.

A whole foods diet, low in carbs and cooked food and void of processed food, is a preferable diet, in general. But, when saturated with lots of cooked animal tissue, it becomes inflammatory, acidic and is loaded with carcinogens.

The latest fad in dieting has been the HCG diet. In addition to taking or injecting HCG, patients eat a 500 calorie a day diet. The biggest problem with this is it’s a DIET!

According to the American Obesity Association,the failure rate for dieters is well over 95%.

This is based upon research they published in 1959 but also concurs with ore recent surveys.

Why chose a non-surgical procedure involving many injections that might involve a few visits over a single surgical procedure?

The answer is the risk/benefit ratio.

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty or suction-assisted lipectomy, is cosmetic surgery performed to remove unwanted deposits of fat from under the skin. The doctor sculpts and recontours the patient’s body by removing excess fat deposits that have been resistant to reduction by diet or exercise. The fat is permanently removed from under the skin with a suction device. The patients is typically under general anesthesia.

There are two types of abdominal fat; visceral and subcutaneous.

While many studies cite the dangers of visceral fat because of it’s association with heart disease and diabetes type two, subcutaneous fat can also pose some dangers.

All fat cells have the capability to transform cholesterol into hormones, particularly estrogen, and large amounts of subcutaneous fat can translate in to excessive estrogen.

Many patients that walk into my Chicago area clinic want to go on a cleanse. While it can be very beneficial to go on a cleanse, what you do after you’ve finished, is more predictive of the longterm gains you’ll have made from doing it in the first place.

We all know someone who is a “yo-yo” dieter. There are “yo-yo” health eaters as well.

“Diets” in general do not work, no matter what the reason. It is imperative to learn to eat in a way that is the most beneficial to you. So if you need to shrink your shadow, this requires a change in your habits. Likewise, if you want to improve your health status and reduce toxins, this also requires lifestyle changes and not just a month of raw fooding or cleansing.

Many patients come to my Evanston office expecting me to perform repeated sessions of lipodissolve for their weight problem. I won’t and I don’t. Lipodissolve is a localized fat loss procedure, not a weight loss procedure and is inappropriate as a treatment for obesity.

The exceptions are that I will treat a buffalo hump, double chin, or droopy jowls on an obese person, I just won’t treat the body.

In these instances, I have the patient return for a one to two hour medical and nutritional evaluation. I examine closely the patients behaviors around food and choices. For patients with eating addiction, I recommend attending overeaters anonymous (OA). for patients making bad choices, I teach them how to reduce insulin levels.

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