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I have always taken pride in the natural looking results I achieve in the aesthetic work I perform on my patients.

If you are someone who wants to look frozen in time and would rather have a bizarre looking upper lip than vertical lines, I am not your woman. However, if you just want to look a little lifted and refreshed, with no obvious “work” done, I am, or should be, your first choice.

I don’t like using copious amounts of botox on my patients because I have seen what constant paralysis of muscles does to the shape of the face. I also prefer not to fill in smile lines in the midface as this creates distortion. I do like to rejuvenate the upper midface to give a lift to the cheeks, which reduces the smile lines without distortion.

Everyday, I notice women in the Chicago area who have had obvious facial filler jobs performed on them. They all look similar. Why is this and is it the only way to rejuvenate one’s face?

The answer to the second question is, no. The answer to the first question is twofold: Most doctors use fillers and botox to better their business model and bottom line. If the bottom line is the goal, then fillers are placed directly in the area of movement i.e. the wrinkles themselves, as this gives them the shortest lifespan and the patient will be back for more soon. However, their face is typically distorted and the laxity of the skin just moves backwards.

There are basic and advanced filler and botox techniques and most doctors use the basic techniques as they are faster and many more patients can be treated in a day. Typically, doctors never return for advanced training and are stuck with basic techniques.

For all the readers out there familiar with my blog, you know that I have kept this site committed to being an informative, knowledge based site. It will stay that way. For those of you who are interested in what products I use in my personal skin and health care, I have started the online store Skin and Chocolate.

The products I have chosen for my store are time tested, hand crafted an all are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances or other potential toxins. In addition to being free of toxins, the skin care is high performance. The chocolates are all raw and low glycemic, sweetened mostly with coconut nectar.

I’m offering dermal needle rollers along with growth factors, hyaluronic acid serums and botanical serums. While I use a 1mm needle in my office, I am offering a .25 mm length needle for home use. The .25 is safer to use at home as it does not require topical anaesthetic nor does it go into the dermis. However, the stimulation of the epidermis and creation of micropores will achieve greater results than simply applying expensive topical growth factors or hyaluronic acid serums topically. Without the use of microneedles, most water based products (serums) sit on top of the skin. Money is wasted and results are minimal. Creamy or fatty based products are much better absorbed and should not be needled into the skin.

One often hears how healthy someone looks. What prompts people to say that someone looks healthy?

Most often, it is subtle cues such as texture of skin, even skin tone with a mild glow and bright eyes. Many of these features are interpreted unconsciously to be equivalent with health, vigor and youth.

Proper skin care and true health promote this glow and great skin texture.

Again, bad press is abounding over lipodissolve and mesotherapies.

Two forms of safe, aesthetic procedures which have been time tested to be so safe, that there have been no deaths or hospitalizations in relation to either of these procedures.

Clearly, these procedures threaten those that would have you believe that plastic surgery is the only way to achieve a reduction in fat, or tighter skin.

Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins that promote tissue growth. They are the hottest trend in upscale skin care lines.

The growth factors that are being used have been shown in the lab to promote collagen generation and to decrease collagen degeneration.

Skin is a wonderful impermeable protective organ. Water soluble topical applications to not absorb well.

Mesotherapy is not well known or frequently practiced in the states. However, it is a popular procedure in Europe where aesthetic medicine is a medical specialty. And, it is popular in my Chicago area office.

Typically mesotherapy is performed with small needles attached to a syringe in order to inject growth factors and vitamins just under the top layer of skin. This is performed to either enhance the collagen growth, reduce wrinkles or lighten dark spots.

Needleless machines which use a microcurrent to pulse the product under the skin have become popular as have meso guns and dermal rollers. The products that are used to encourage dermal growth and reduction of wrinkles have grown into a large list based upon ongoing research in skin repair and clinical outcomes.

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