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How Does a “Steel Trap” Mind Evaporate into an Unresponsive Mist?

A Quick Tour Through the Gray Matter

How many neurons are in the average brain? Hint: if you were to count one neuron per second, around the clock, it would take over 2,720 years. Researchers tell us there are about 86 billion neurons and 84 billion non-neuron (glial) cells in the brain.  

How Does Toned Muscle Morph to
 Blobs of Blubber?

Turning lead into gold was the ultimate challenge for any alchemist. As far as we know none of them ever succeeded. There is, however, an alchemy that is effortless, effective, and extremely disconcerting: the transformation of muscle tissue into fat deposits. It happens right before our eyes and requires no conscious exertion or plan. Often to our dismay, this metabolic magic occurs in the midst of great effort to go the other direction.

Even for those who stay active, muscular volume and strength is increasingly difficult to maintain. A man’s pumped up pectoral muscles eventually become soft breast tissue that sags onto a bulging belly and could even warrant wearing a bra. A woman’s once-flat belly becomes a soft, squeezable paunch as her upper arms become flabby and undefined.

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