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There is a new darling of the “liposuction alternatives”, it’s termed Pure Lipo.

It claims to be minimally invasive which is true, however, it poses a death risk from lidocaine toxicity and there have been a few deaths from Pure Lipo across the country.

The need for ample amount of lidocaine anesthesia is great as it would be a very painful procedure without it.

The latest fad in dieting has been the HCG diet. In addition to taking or injecting HCG, patients eat a 500 calorie a day diet. The biggest problem with this is it’s a DIET!

According to the American Obesity Association,the failure rate for dieters is well over 95%.

This is based upon research they published in 1959 but also concurs with ore recent surveys.

Many patients rush into my Chicago area office for procedures like photofacial and lipodissolve once the weather gets nice. They realize they’re going to be showing more skin and want that skin to be smooth and beautiful.

In reality, the best time for treatments is the middle of winter when it’s easy to either hide areas that are swollen as after a lipodissolve treatment, or avoid the sun on skin that has been treated with photofacial.

I have numerous patients that are sculpting their thighs or arms and winter makes it easy to hide them for the few days they are swollen. Saddle bags and muffin tops are easy to erase but there are a few days of swelling and it’s best to wear lose fitting clothes or a long sweater those first days of recovery.

Most of my Chicago are patients with lipomas, have more than one lipoma and tend to grow new ones.

Going under the knife to remove a lipoma creates a scar and often keloids, while using lipodissolve to remove lipomas leaves no scars.

The lipomas that respond the best to lipodissolve are soft and fatty feeling. the harder ones are a bit resistant and might require more than one treatment.

Why chose a non-surgical procedure involving many injections that might involve a few visits over a single surgical procedure?

The answer is the risk/benefit ratio.

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty or suction-assisted lipectomy, is cosmetic surgery performed to remove unwanted deposits of fat from under the skin. The doctor sculpts and recontours the patient’s body by removing excess fat deposits that have been resistant to reduction by diet or exercise. The fat is permanently removed from under the skin with a suction device. The patients is typically under general anesthesia.

Again, bad press is abounding over lipodissolve and mesotherapies.

Two forms of safe, aesthetic procedures which have been time tested to be so safe, that there have been no deaths or hospitalizations in relation to either of these procedures.

Clearly, these procedures threaten those that would have you believe that plastic surgery is the only way to achieve a reduction in fat, or tighter skin.

Many people walk into my Chicago are office inquiring whether there is anything they can do about their double chins or saggy jowls, short of having surgery. Surgery to correct double chins or fat necks, involve wearing a drain for a few days, often in the intensive care unit.

Lipodissolve enables us to remove the fat that is hanging while never cutting through healthy tissue or creating blood loss.

While many plastic surgeons bad mouth lipodissolve saying it is dangerous, it is all lip service. There is no real danger with lipodissolve. The treatments are standardized, not made up as the doctor goes along, as some would have you believe.

There are two types of abdominal fat; visceral and subcutaneous.

While many studies cite the dangers of visceral fat because of it’s association with heart disease and diabetes type two, subcutaneous fat can also pose some dangers.

All fat cells have the capability to transform cholesterol into hormones, particularly estrogen, and large amounts of subcutaneous fat can translate in to excessive estrogen.

Many patients come to my Evanston office expecting me to perform repeated sessions of lipodissolve for their weight problem. I won’t and I don’t. Lipodissolve is a localized fat loss procedure, not a weight loss procedure and is inappropriate as a treatment for obesity.

The exceptions are that I will treat a buffalo hump, double chin, or droopy jowls on an obese person, I just won’t treat the body.

In these instances, I have the patient return for a one to two hour medical and nutritional evaluation. I examine closely the patients behaviors around food and choices. For patients with eating addiction, I recommend attending overeaters anonymous (OA). for patients making bad choices, I teach them how to reduce insulin levels.

Fraud of any kind is never a good thing, especially when it taints a whole community.

This past month, Lisa Madigan, the attorney general of Illinois filed a lawsuit against the Chicago area Nu U spas. This could actually be a very good thing as they had allegedly been practicing medical aesthetics without a physician.

They were presumably giving very “hard sells” to their clients by having them sign documents committing them to several treatments at thousands of dollars per contract.

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