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I have always taken pride in the natural looking results I achieve in the aesthetic work I perform on my patients.

If you are someone who wants to look frozen in time and would rather have a bizarre looking upper lip than vertical lines, I am not your woman. However, if you just want to look a little lifted and refreshed, with no obvious “work” done, I am, or should be, your first choice.

I don’t like using copious amounts of botox on my patients because I have seen what constant paralysis of muscles does to the shape of the face. I also prefer not to fill in smile lines in the midface as this creates distortion. I do like to rejuvenate the upper midface to give a lift to the cheeks, which reduces the smile lines without distortion.

Every now and then, I write about facial rejeuvenation techniques such as liquid facelifts, something that sets me apart from the average “filler”.

What I’d like to write about today is the use of blunt tipped cannulas for facial filling. While this sounds technical (it is ), it can make a world of difference between someone who leaves the office with downtime and someone who doesn’t.

By using a blunt tipped cannula, the risk of breaking blood vessels is diminished, so is the risk of bruising nerves. It allows the physician to make one needle insertion and use the cannula all over the face with the one insertion on either side. It also allows for a pain free experience.

Everyday, I notice women in the Chicago area who have had obvious facial filler jobs performed on them. They all look similar. Why is this and is it the only way to rejuvenate one’s face?

The answer to the second question is, no. The answer to the first question is twofold: Most doctors use fillers and botox to better their business model and bottom line. If the bottom line is the goal, then fillers are placed directly in the area of movement i.e. the wrinkles themselves, as this gives them the shortest lifespan and the patient will be back for more soon. However, their face is typically distorted and the laxity of the skin just moves backwards.

There are basic and advanced filler and botox techniques and most doctors use the basic techniques as they are faster and many more patients can be treated in a day. Typically, doctors never return for advanced training and are stuck with basic techniques.

In my medical office in the Chicago area, I use many forms of facial filler as well as heat treatments such as Fotofacial and Refirme.

For younger women with just the beginning signs of aging, filler is ample for the nasolabial folds. But for older women with deeper creases and cheek fat that has fallen, I highly recommend using Radiesse to lift the cheeks and to promote collagen growth at a deeper level than what a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler would do.

With Radiesse as opposed to Sculptra, results are noticeable instantaneously and last for years. With Radiesse as opposed to HA fillers, the cheeks are lifted which is what minimizes the nasolabial folds. With filler, the nasolabial folds are flattened by the HA, but so is the mid face which makes the mid face distorted.

One often hears how healthy someone looks. What prompts people to say that someone looks healthy?

Most often, it is subtle cues such as texture of skin, even skin tone with a mild glow and bright eyes. Many of these features are interpreted unconsciously to be equivalent with health, vigor and youth.

Proper skin care and true health promote this glow and great skin texture.

As we age, we lose volume in key areas. For the purpose of this blog article, I will be writing only about facial aging and changes.

Many patients show up to my Chicago area office complaining about smile lines (wrinkles from their nose to their mouth) and about their marionette lines. Women tend to suffer from Marionette lines sooner than men.

For both men and women, cheek fat pads fall as we age. This exacerbates the smile lines

Be careful what you wish for.

I’ve had more than a few patients walk in my Chicago area office with silicone filled lips or problematic bumps on their face from Sculptra that were unhappy with their outcome but could not do anything about it.

One of the unhappy patients had silicone enhanced lips and had never even had a temporary filler prior to the silicone. This, I believe is absurd, as it is always helpful for a patient to see how they will look like prior to a permanent change. Her doctor suggested a permanent implant the first time she asked for lip enhancement. This is a doctor to run from. The patient turned out looking like a pair of walking lips. She can have the implants removed, but this is not a simple procedure like injecting hyaluronidase into an area that was over filled.

Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins that promote tissue growth. They are the hottest trend in upscale skin care lines.

The growth factors that are being used have been shown in the lab to promote collagen generation and to decrease collagen degeneration.

Skin is a wonderful impermeable protective organ. Water soluble topical applications to not absorb well.

Is it necessary to look like a kissing trout or a parading duck after having your lips augmented and having the lines of your top lip filled in?

I think not. I notice in my Chicago practice, many women walking around with lips like Daffy Duck. It has become a look that has been accepted and even revered.

This ‘look’ occurs because the vermillion border of the lip gets overfilled along with some of the vertical lines. And, If the nasolabial lines are filled completely, the top lip is driven inside causing the physician to then over fill the top lip.

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