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Spiraling Physical and Mental Decline

Can Be Reversed:

Anti-aging researchers tell us that the human body is designed to live well beyond the 100-year mark. They frequently cite the longevity of the Hunzas, or other tribal peoples in the mountains of Eastern Europe or South America. Reportedly these peoples were strong and vibrant into their second century and able to perform a hard day’s work until just before death.

I spent a good 15 months devising a product which will help increase stress resilience and reduce mitochondrial damage. My product is called Invigoral and can be found here and here

The next few blog entries will be chapters of the blooklet I created about Invigoral:

New Hope and Help for an
Age Old (Old Age) Problem

In the early nineties, the buzz word for anyone seeking out alternative views on chronic illness was candidiasis. Candidiasis is an overgrowth of Candida, a yeast that is normally present in our environment but is opportunistic and can overgrow when normal bacteria are missing or reduced.

Candida was blamed for everyone presenting with chronic inflammation, chronic fatigue and food intolerance.

It is true that antibiotic use can lead to an overgrowth of Candida, and it is true that antibiotics are over prescribed. But, often patients would not improve on treatments to reduce Candida and they were subjected to months of medications and highly restricted diets.

I have written about Peyronies disorder in other blog entries. It is one of the least talked about ailments due to the nature of the disease.

In general, men aren’t comfortable speaking about personal issues and there really isn’t anything more personal than a syndrome which directly affects the shape, size and function of the penis.

Peyronies is advertised as a disease which involves banding of tissue around the shaft of the penis leading to curvature and ultimately reduction in girth, length and sensation.

Many patients come to my office for sexual dysfunction (SD). SD can look like painful intercourse for women and erectile dysfunction (ED) or Peyronies for men. While there are many reasons for SD, one commonality among patients is an underlying dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. The exception is ED caused by vascular damage or induced by drugs.

Most women with chronic pain are told they need hormones, or need to be on very specific diets and do not find much improvement even with these measures. Men with Peyronies are often given painful injections and are not better after those tortuous treatments.

One of the other common symptoms I find in patients with underlying autonomic dysfunction is sleep disorder. Chronic difficulty staying or falling asleep is a sure sign the neuroendocrine system or the autonomic system is not working as it should be.

I have mentioned Scenar a few times in my blog mostly regarding pain and injury.

The FDA approval for the device is for pain which has been the most common indication for using the device.

However, while in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010, I discovered patients describing having more energy and feeling a lifting of their depression and anxiety.

While the medical community likes to focus on cancer cures, there are those of us who believe in putting our energies into prevention. So many of our chronic illnesses, including many common cancers, can be prevented.

Much of our focus is on cures because big pharma makes it’s profits on selling cures and it’s big pharma that funds studies. That’s not to say there aren’t researchers analyzing data regarding prevention, there are and much of the outcomes are promising and hopeful. But, unlike the tepid outcomes on patented drug treatments which make headlines, the buzz around these outcomes is small as there is no PR machine force feeding the newswire with the information.

It seems I hear about another contemporary diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer on a very regular basis. The disease is becoming an epidemic. Perhaps it’s diagnosed better and earlier than in years past, perhaps it is simply more prevalent. While the death rate from colorectal cancers have been dropping in the last 20 years, it is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in the US.

I don’t write very often about homeopathy, mostly due to the misinformation regarding it and the difficulty in understanding the mechanism of action. I will attempt to make the mechanism of action understandable While highlighting a very interesting case.

This fall, a lovely grown woman presented in my office for an appointment after finding me on line and reading my blog. I noticed her head and hand trembled as she shook my hand.

Her chief complaints were painful urethral spasms. She had a long history of seizure disorders and had trembled for years. Her OB-GYN was pressing her for a sling procedure for her bladder and was recommending a hysterectomy.

In the last few months, I have seen numerous adult patients for consultation in my Chicago area office with complaints of either exacerbation of their autoimmune disease or a sudden eruption of an autoimmune disorder such as asthma where there had been no prior issue.

The one thing these adult patients all had in common was they were all recent recipients of either a flu vaccine or of a tetanus booster. I have seen autoimmune disease develop after yellow fever vaccination and I’ve seen my share of “gulf war” syndrome (presumed adverse reaction to the anthrax vaccine) in military personnel. I have also seen pediatric patients who developed bronchitis after each round of vaccines only to develop asthma by pre-school. Many of these patients become free of asthma for years only to have a resurgence after another set of vaccinations.

Most vaccines contain something called adjuvants which are known to hyper simulate the immune system and in those with specific genetics, trigger autoimmune responses. The influenza vaccine in the US and the tetanus booster have not contained these adjuvants. However, they contain other ingredients that can lead to T cell dysfunction and this can trigger an autoimmune reaction.

I introduced readers to Zonulin a few entries back. To recap, Zonulin is a protein made by our bodies that creates loosening of tight junctions such as those in the gut, brain and testicles. The tight junctions control transportation of molecules across junctions.

An example is the prevention of food particles in the lumen of the gut from crossing over into the blood vessels. The food is broken down and nutrients extrapolated so as not to present foreign proteins to your own system. This is why we don’t make antigens to everything we eat.

However, some people do seem to produce antibodies to many foods and eventually, some of those with this issue produce antibodies to parts of themselves. This is what autoimmunity is. Some examples of autoimmune diseases are rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, MS, psoriasis and even some forms of dementia. There are too many autoimmune disorders to list.

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