How to Reverse Stress Response Damage

Changing health habits related to diet, sleep, exercise, and stress management are difficult in any stage of life. But it is especially true when you are already in the throes of chronic stress. The lack of motivation, mental fog, and low energy levels that usually accompany chronic stress are obstacles that are difficult to surmount without a powerful boost. That’s the purpose of this chapter and the nutrient supplements that will be discussed here.

The particular supplements discussed are those related particularly to the issues associated with the tide of metabolic dysfunction that can accompany chronic stress exposure. Just because certain nutrients are not mentioned doesn’t imply that they aren’t necessary.

Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Transform Your Life

A Dangerous Dietary Shift

During the last 100 years we have seen a shift in the American diet away from fats and protein towards carbohydrates. Presumably this push was motivated by a desire to lower cholesterol and improve heart health. In reality, this directional change encouraged diets filled with refined grains and sugars and has actually facilitated an epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and cancer.

How Does a “Steel Trap” Mind Evaporate into an Unresponsive Mist?

A Quick Tour Through the Gray Matter

How many neurons are in the average brain? Hint: if you were to count one neuron per second, around the clock, it would take over 2,720 years. Researchers tell us there are about 86 billion neurons and 84 billion non-neuron (glial) cells in the brain.  

How Does Toned Muscle Morph to
 Blobs of Blubber?

Turning lead into gold was the ultimate challenge for any alchemist. As far as we know none of them ever succeeded. There is, however, an alchemy that is effortless, effective, and extremely disconcerting: the transformation of muscle tissue into fat deposits. It happens right before our eyes and requires no conscious exertion or plan. Often to our dismay, this metabolic magic occurs in the midst of great effort to go the other direction.

Even for those who stay active, muscular volume and strength is increasingly difficult to maintain. A man’s pumped up pectoral muscles eventually become soft breast tissue that sags onto a bulging belly and could even warrant wearing a bra. A woman’s once-flat belly becomes a soft, squeezable paunch as her upper arms become flabby and undefined.

Spiraling Physical and Mental Decline

Can Be Reversed:

Anti-aging researchers tell us that the human body is designed to live well beyond the 100-year mark. They frequently cite the longevity of the Hunzas, or other tribal peoples in the mountains of Eastern Europe or South America. Reportedly these peoples were strong and vibrant into their second century and able to perform a hard day’s work until just before death.

I spent a good 15 months devising a product which will help increase stress resilience and reduce mitochondrial damage. My product is called Invigoral and can be found here and here

The next few blog entries will be chapters of the blooklet I created about Invigoral:

New Hope and Help for an
Age Old (Old Age) Problem

Cancer rates have skyrocketed, we are seeing cancers in younger and younger patients every year. It has become the new normal.

While many experts will tell you if you live long enough you develop cancer, it wasn’t always like this.

The focus in mainstream medicine is to state cancers are unrelated to each other and have specific genetic markers. While on one hand, this is correct, it is also misleading.

It seems as though every week I am seeing new patients in my Chicago area office, with a complex of bizarre symptoms. The common denominator is a recent Gardisil vaccination.

Gardisil is a vaccine produced by Merck with the implication it will prevent cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the 19th leading cause of cancer death among women in the US and in other countries where cervical screening is the norm.

The patients who suffer adverse reactions to this vaccine often present in specific ways;

Illinois has recently passed a bill allowing the use of medical marijuana for very specific conditions. And, unlike other states with similar bills, registered users may not grow their own plants. They must buy their supply from a designated dispensary and that dispensary only.

Marijuana or Cannabis, is still on the DEA schedule as a schedule 1 drug. This classification is for substances with no medical uses. This could not be farther from the truth.

Cannabis has an abundant amount of compounds which have amazing and beneficial effects. Some of the most amazing effects include reduction of microglial activation and tightening of the blood brain barrier. Microglia are immune cells in the brain, which when activated, are equivalent to inflammation and set up a bad domino affect in terms of oxidative damage. Chronic microglial activation has been implicated in a number of neurodegenerative diseases.

Yes, the title of this blog entry is provocative, it is provocative for a reason.

I am tired of hearing about cancer patients dying because they were told there was nothing they could do, or they agreed to the standard treatment even if that treatment didn’t have good statistics associated with it.

It is important to understand how cancer cells proliferate in order to understand why something so simple as staying on a ketogenic diet can keep cancer at bay.

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